Suspected baby snatcher caught after posing with 4-day-old infant on Facebook

A kidnapped four-day-old baby was reunited with his horrified mother after the woman suspected of abducting him posed with him in a Facebook photo.

Little Kamarion Taylor's mum woke up from an afternoon nap to the shock of her life as was nowhere to be seen in his crib or playpen.

The panicking mother from Fairfield, Alabama, US called the police who found him with a woman who she allegedly met at a doctor's appointment hours earlier on Tuesday.

According to Kamarion's grandmother Tasha Taylor, suspect Lakesha Brown, 37, posted pictures of herself with the baby on Facebook after getting friendly with him at the surgery.

Taylor believes Brown had planned the kidnapping from the moment they met, comparing it to a film plot, reports.

"It’s like something you see in a Lifetime movie," she said.

Police have not shared any details on the investigation which returned Kamarion to his family at around 6pm.

He is believed to have been found at a mobile home park in Brighton, hours after Brown was arrested for first-degree kidnapping.

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Jefferson County sheriff’s Deputy Chief David Agee said Kamarion’s mother wanted to thank everyone who helped search for him on Tuesday.

Agee said tracking the lad on Tuesday took "a lot of hard work", he said: "It took a lot of people working in areas around Jefferson County, even just chasing down tips that we had.

"Today we had a happy ending thanks to a lot of hard work. We will figure out who did what and hold them responsible.

“Right now we just are thankful for the recovery of he child.”

The distressed mum called for police help at 2pm after discovering Kamarion had been abducted, reports.

Worryingly the suspect Brown was taken into custody less than an hour later, but she did not have the baby with her.

Agee said during the search: "We have that person in custody. We have the car but we do not have this child, this 4-day-old male child and the child is somewhere and we’re looking everywhere for that child."

Once found at around 6pm, medics were called to check over Kamarion before deputies took him to his mother.

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