Sussexes have anniversary ‘thunder stolen’ by Beatrice baby announcement

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had their third wedding anniversary 'thunder stolen' by Princess Beatrice after she announced her pregnancy, royal fans have claimed.

Prince Andrew's daughter announced she is expecting her first child with husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi on Wednesday, May 19, the same date as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

One fan wrote on Facebook: "To me it was clear that she will be pregnant soon.

"The announcement of the news today on the third wedding anniversary of Harry and Meghan. Is it the sister's revenge for Meghan's baby announcement at Eugenie's wedding or coincidence?"

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Princess Beatrice has announced her pregnancy on Harry and Meghan's wedding anniversary. Let's see how they like having their thunder stolen."

Another wrote: "I know it's cool to not care about the royals but Beatrice playing the long game and announcing her pregnancy on Harry & Meghan's 3rd anniversary as revenge for H&M dropping *their* baby news at Eugenie's wedding is the kind of messy b***h I have no choice but to respect.

"Outstanding game play. Not even trying to be subtle with its intricacies and innuendo, this is plain ol' pants-down-s******g-on-your-lawn-while-maintaining-eye-contact levels of 'f**k you'. You have to admire it."

"I don’t think it’s accidentally that Princess Beatrice announced her pregnancy on Prince Harry & Meghan’s third anniversary", another wrote, followed by a side eyes emoji.

Another put: "I have to wonder why did the palace decide to announce Beatrice’s baby news today. On the Prince and Princess Henry of wales anniversary, how petty. Congrats though Beatrice."

Royal expert and author Duncan Larcombe, has also claimed the timing of the announcement was no accident.

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Speaking to The Sun, the writer, who penned Prince Harry: The Inside Story, said: "The fact it was Buckingham Palace that made the announcement proves this was not a simple oversight.

"A great deal of care is taken over the timings of major announcements such as Royal pregnancies, and it is extremely unlikely diary staff were unaware of the significance of the day for Harry and Meghan.

"You have a relatively large window of opportunity to announce a pregnancy, an anniversary date is set in stone."

He also told OK!: "It's a bizarre decision by the palace to have a clash as the royal diary is meticulously planned out and births, deaths and marriages have a lot of consideration and planning with the announcements. Palace officials will take into consideration the news and what is being talked about.

"This is no mistake. The fact that they decided to announced Princess Beatrice's baby news on the same day as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's anniversary seems to say something. I'm not saying it's the palace waging a war but it seems to show that the couple are certainly irrelevant to them in terms of diary clashes."

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Princess Beatrice's grandmother the Queen is said to be "delighted" by the news of her pregnancy.

A statement from Buckingham Palace said: "Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice and Mr Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are very pleased to announce that they are expecting a baby in autumn of this year.

"The Queen has been informed and both families are delighted with the news."

Harry and Meghan married during a glittering ceremony on May 19 2018 and are likely to mark their milestone privately at their Californian home.

Traditionally, a third wedding anniversary is celebrated by exchanging gifts made from leather.

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