Swimmer dies in savage shark attack as sea turns red at idyllic beach

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A beach trip turned to terror after a swimmer was brutally killed in a shark attack off the South African coast.

The man was mauled to death on Tuesday afternoon as onlookers frantically alerted authorities at Sanctuary Beach in Plettenberg Bay.

Footage on social media shows a shark, reported to be a Great White, stalking the South African coastline just minutes before the attack.

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The National Sea Rescue deployed two rescue crafts after witnesses raised the alarm, but the efforts of rescuers were in vain.

NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said: "On arrival at the scene, the body of an adult male, believed to be a local, was recovered from the water from the back surf line onto an NSRI rescue craft.

"The body was brought to the NSRI Plettenberg Bay rescue station.

"An NSRI doctor, Western Cape EMS and the South African Police Services responded."

The man was declared dead at the scene.

Lambinon said that the Bitou Municipality closed all nearby beaches following the incident.

"Condolences are conveyed to the family of the deceased man," Mr Lambinon added.

"The NSRI and Bitou Municipality are appealing to sea users, bathes, sailors, paddlers and boaters in Plettenberg Bay and also on the Southern Cape coastline to exercise caution following this fatal incident."


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