Teen gang film sickening moment they beat OAP to death with traffic cone

A shocking video has been released by police showing a group of teenagers clubbing a pensioner to death in the street with a traffic cone.

They also filmed themselves savagely attacking 73-year-old James Lambert Jr on June 24 in Philadelphia, with the horrifying incident caught on surveillance cameras.

The onslaught occurred on Cecil B. Moore Avenue, in the heart of the city, with the video opening with several teens chasing James across the road, before a hooded thug bashes him over the back of the head with a cone, causing the old man to stumble onto the pavement.

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An even younger teen in a white T-shirt can be seen filming the poor man, before a young girl retrieves the cone before slamming it at James again and cowardly running away.

As he attempts to escape the vicious ambush, the same girl again picks up the cone, runs after him and hurls it at his head once more, before scarpering back up the path.

Three other youths then chase after James, but disappear off screen and then the video ends.

Police said James suffered several injuries to the head and was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Lambert’s heartbroken family told NBC10 they were truly appalled by his death and were in complete disbelief that a group of children were allegedly behind this.

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None of the seven kids in the video chasing after Lambert have been arrested yet, but police said they hoped the newly released video and a $20,000 reward would help with their investigation.

As well as the video, police also shared additional clips of the young suspects, four boys and three girls, who are believed to be between the ages of 13 and 17.

One of the male suspects had a blonde patch on his hair, while another had his scooter with him during the entire incident.

The disgraceful attack was condemned by Twitter users, with one writing: “Imagine what this man lived through. Only to be snuffed out by a damned culture of violence and disregard for human life.”

Another said: “My God. Who’s raising these kids? I challenge us all to step up.”

Police did not specify what charges the teens would face and said the final decision would be on the district attorney’s office.


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