Terrified cat owners fear phantom cat shaver back as more trimmed pets show up

Cat owners are terrified after the rampage of a 'phantom cat shaver' who is going round and shaving the hair of the people of Kent's feline friends.

Many residents in Kent are now keeping their cats locked indoors because of the strange crime wave.

Victoria Griffiths, 29, from Walderslade in Kent, was in shock after her pet cat returned home with a large bald patch.

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Ms Griffiths said: "I was so angry that some nasty human had decided to shave my cat. It was very distressing."

Her cat, George, is a from a rescue shelter, so is naturally nervous around people.

"When he came back in he wouldn't let me near him. He was terrified," she said.

"I was worried they might have done something else to him. Now he is now even more skittish towards people but his fur is starting to grow back."

Meanwhile a 50-year-old woman from Chatham said her cat Dennis came home his back legs completely shaved, forcing her to keep him him inside.

She said: "I will be keeping him in just in case it's part of a plan to steal cats, as he is white and has two different coloured eyes, so he is quite rare.

"I am so angry and deeply shocked that people can do this kind of thing to a cat or any animal.

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"I couldn't believe that's what had happened at first, but now I have heard about other people who have had the same experience."

Shaving incidents were also reported in Kent just before Christmas, leading some to believe there is a phantom cat shaver at large while owners are being urged to stay alert and report any strange activity.

A spokesman from the Medway-based charity Animal Lost and Found said: "We are definitely keeping an eye on the cases that are appearing across Kent.

"We are urging people to be vigilant if you see someone acting suspiciously around animals and to log it with the RSPCA."

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