Terrifying Google Maps image shows creepy Halloween characters standing by the road

Mexico: National Guard patrol beach following cartel incident

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The men appear to be oddly standing in the middle of the street, staring at the Street View car of Google as it passes by. One of them is dressed like a werewolf, one has a balaclava and a hat on, the other is wearing a Scream mask and the other one looks like he has a Mexican luchador face covering.

The image came to light after it was found and posted by a Reddit user, with the caption: “I just found the masked guys in Mexico”.

Other Reddit users then commented speculating about the backstory of the photo whether the people pictured are drug cartel members.

“That’s the cartel. You wanna stay far far away from those masks,” someone wrote.

“Did Mario just join Ghostface and the gang?” said someone else.

Another user said: “The guy on the poster up the road ran for Governor of Sonora in 2009, and was eventually arrested (and released) in 2019.”

The photo was taken in 2009 at the town of Moctezuma in Sonora, Mexico, an area known for the wild activity of drug cartels.

Sonora Cartel was one of the leading organisations, however it was defunct in 2010, after its leader, drug lord Miguel Ángel Caro Quintero, was convicted, and other cartels took the lead.

Criminal activity remains at very high levels in the area and costs many lives.

Last Monday, February 7, FOX 5 San Diego reported that a mass grave was found in Santa Ana in Sonora, with two full skeletons unearthed, as well as remains of three or four more bodies.

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