The Queens weird drink of hot orange juice that left royal insider baffled

A royal insider has recalled the Queen ordering a "weird" tipple along with her tea that left him baffled.

Stewart Pearce, who acted as Princess Diana's voice coach, spent a considerable amount of time inside Buckingham Palace as a youngster as his dad worked for Prince Philip.

The insider told the Royally US podcast about one particular occasion where he was told off by Her Majesty for playing with paper airplanes on the grand staircase.

"I suddenly heard this voice 'what are you doing?' and I turned round and there was her majesty," he said.

"I was seven years old or something. I think I just thought to myself s**t!

"She said 'oh it's Stewart, come into my sitting room' and I went into the sitting room and she switched on the TV because it was tea time."

It was then she surprised him by ordering him a "weird" choice of hot orange juice along with some tea for herself.

Stewart told the podcast: "It was tea-time so she ordered tea for herself and hot orange juice which I thought was a really weird choice.

"Anyway I drank it, it was the Queen – so I didn't say oh I don't want that, or I want hot milk. I just drank it. I will always remember that."

Darren McGrady, who worked as the Queen’s personal chef, previously revealed that the monarch always took afternoon tea without fail.

But when it comes to her favorite alcoholic beverage, she would often opt for a gin and Dubonnet.

She also sometimes enjoys a sweet, German wine with her dinner, McGrady revealed in an interview with CNN.

In other royal news, Prince Harry has returned to the UK ahead of the unveiling of a statue to his late mum Princess Diana on Thursday (July 1).

He made a surprise video appearance for The Diana Awards yesterday, where fans praised him for speaking about his supposedly feuding brother.

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