Thug attacks gentle family dog with iron rod as he was annoyed over barking

A couple were left horrified after a thug grabbed their pet dog by the tail and hit him with an iron rod because he was annoyed at the animal’s barking.

Hemant and Renu, who live in Delhi, claimed an argument with a neighbour turned brutal when he lashed out at their pooch Scooby before turning to attack them too.

The alleged strike took place on Sunday (July 3) and left Scooby nursing a blood clot and Hemant with swelling and bruising, whilst their 25-year-old nephew Rakshit was forced to get nine stitches.

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Devastated Renu, 45, told the Indian Express: “Scooby has been with us for eight years.

“We got him when he was just a one-month-old puppy. He is a gentle dog.

“(The man) grabbed his tail and threw him just for barking. He would not have bitten him otherwise.”

Horrifying pictures caught on CCTV show Scooby ducking from the iron rod as the horrified family watch on.

Chartered accountant Hemant bent down to help his beloved pet, but says he was then hit himself.

The 53-year-old said: “I was knocked down by the blow. I still have swelling and bruising.”

Rakshit then jumped in to defend his uncle and pushed away the attacker before he was also “hit several times in the head”.

A man has since been charged over the bloody attack.

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Local cop Sameer Sharma said a case had been brought under Indian Penal code for attempt to commit culpable homicide, voluntary hurt, wrongful restraint and cruel treatment of animals.

He added: “Investigation in the case is in progress and facts are being verified.”

Both Scooby and the family have had medical attention and look set to make a recovery.

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