Thug said I will kill you to man before stabbing him in Job Centre car park

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A man who stabbed an innocent pub-goer in the forehead, jaw, and the roof of his mouth after blocking his exit from a car park has walked free from court.

Hasan Suliman, 27, attacked a man following an argument outside Yates’ Wine Lodge, Manchester town centre, in October 2018 following an argument, Minshull Street Crown Court heard today, September 15. 

Suliman, an asylum seeker from Sudan, caused a two-centimetre puncture wound in his victim's mouth, and a three-centimetre wound on his chin, the Manchester Evening News reported.

William Donnelly, defending, said his client was of previous good character and had fled violence in his home country.

Judge Paul Lawton responded: “It is remarkable that having fled violence in Sudan you caused to bring violence to the streets of England."

This was after the court had heard the details of the moments leading up to the brutal attack.

Among a group outside the closed bar in 2018 was a woman and her partner.

 Prosecutor Chloe Fordham said Suliman "took a cigarette out of the woman’s mouth and asked if she wanted driving home".

Upset, the woman left, which is when Suliman began to become aggressive, Ms Fordham added.

He asked one member of the group why he was "staring at him", at which point a group of other men offered to drive the victim and his friends home.

The group walked to a nearby Job Centre car park where their vehicle was parked but could not leave, the prosecution added.

“When they got to the car, the defendant was parked up at the gate of the car park,” said Ms Fordham.

“The defendant beckoned [the victim] and opened the boot of his car.

“He was met by the defendant holding a screwdriver in his hand. He brandished it and said something like, ‘if you want to die, I will kill you’.”

Suliman then stabbed the man in his left arm, and the pair fell to the ground, the barrister added.

She continued: “The defendant then stabbed him in the left side of his forehead.

“He continued to jab at him and stabbed him in the roof of his mouth, shouting he was going to kill him.”

At this point, Suliman was dragged off the man by others present, and left the scene.

Mr Lawton sentenced Hasan Suliman to 21 months in prison, suspended for two years, for unlawful wounding.

He also handed Suliman a community order and alcohol rehabilitation programme, and told him to pay a victim surcharge.

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