Thunder and lightning to hit parts of Britain next week as rain hits

BBC Weather: Temperatures to drop and rain forecast

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Numerous predictions point towards an unsettled September with long-awaited rain on the horizon. The Met Office, British Weather Services, the Weather Outlook and now NetWeather have waded in on rumours autumn will begin in the coming days. The hot and humid weather will start to slope off, with low pressure making its appearance by this Saturday, September 3. According to NetWeather, a GFS meteorological model shows a southerly flow of low pressure and moist air hitting the UK with “showery bands of rain, damp and cloudy flow off the North Sea” causing “hit-and-miss” downpours across the UK.

NetWeather’s senior forecaster Jo Farrow said: “Within these different solutions, there will be thundery downpours, the risk of flooding and some areas of the UK that see very little rain.

“If you have an event next weekend or outdoor plans don’t linger on weather app symbols that might show heavy rain in an unwanted time slot.

“There is a lot of uncertainty around how the incoming low pressures will behave and where the rain will affect, especially with the more showery solutions.

“This also applies to those looking for rain, crying out for rain.”

It’s a prediction supported by the Met Office, with the forecaster tweeting about the unsettled weather on its way.

It said: “This week will be mostly settled with high pressure dominating the UK’s weather.

“However, towards the end of the week and into the weekend low pressure is expected to bring an unsettled spell of weather in from the north west.”

It adds: “Towards the end of the week and into the weekend, the jet stream dives south and in turn drives low pressure to our shores.”

Its outlook for the end of this week continues: “Largely dry Thursday and Friday with sunny spells and lighter winds.

“More changeable, breezier conditions by Saturday. Showers developing, some heavy and possibly thundery.

“Temperatures warm or rather warm.”

Jim Dale, founder and senior expert at British Weather Services said rain this weekend will provide a “slow burner” into autumn throughout September and October.

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Speaking to, he said: “There will be low pressure to the west of the UK, so there is bound to be some action – and that’s from Sunday and next week.”

Individual forecasts show showers mostly start from Saturday, with places like Portsmouth experiencing three days of downpours. In Manchester rain will hit on the weekend, but showers appear to be light.

Low pressure streams in the west seem to largely affect the south-west of the country, with Bath experiencing three days of continued downpours.

And in the east, places like Suffolk could start seeing storms from as early as Monday, September 5 according to Met Office forecasts.

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