TikTok user dumps boyfriend for asking her to wear makeup for his pals

A TikTok user was left feeling "sick" after her boyfriend told her she needed to wear makeup to so his friends wouldn't think he "pulled a clapped one" when they met her.

Taking part in the latest GTA message trend on the app, Lily Brown (@xlily.brown8x) showed messages about her plans to meet her boyfriend's friends for the first time.

She believed it was a "casual" occasion so she didn't dress up or put any makeup on, but her boyfriend was less than impressed.

In a video that has been viewed 2.5 million times, she shared the shocking text exchange between the pair, with the caption: "Here’s to being single in 2022."

Lily’s boyfriend at the time started off the conversation with a message saying: "Hey hey babe, have you started getting ready for tonight yet?" to which Lily replied with: "Yeah I’m ready now."

"Ooh can I see gorgeous?" he asked her.

Lily responded with: "I haven’t done makeup or anything for tonight, it’s just casual right?"

But her boyfriend replied saying: "Yeah babe but do you mind just popping a little bit on as you are meeting my mates and stuff for the first time."

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At this point, Lily was thinking ‘he’s joking, right?’.

"Don’t want them thinking I’ve pulled a clapped one," he had the cheek to say.

Shocked she said: "My bf did not just call me CLAPPED."

Trying to justify the comment, he said: "First impressions and that" but the damage had already been done.

"Now I don’t want to go because you’ve made me feel bad about it," she told him.

But instead of apologising and trying to fix things, he got agitated and told her not to come.

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"Ugh babe don’t bother then, either put something on your face or don’t turn up because I cba (can't be a****."

Heartbroken, she asked TikTok: "Why do I always end up with toxic men?"

Lily later revealed that she dumped her boyfriend after receiving these messages.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 285,000 likes and almost 7,000 comments from viewers who were stunned by his replies.

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One person said: "When I tell you this boy would've received the SWIFTEST block."


A third commented: "Ain't no way he thought it was okay to say that."

Someone else said: "And that sir is how you end a relationship in three seconds."

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