Toronto police to provide update on 1984 murder of Christine Jessop

Toronto police say they will be providing an update on the 1984 murder of Christine Jessop on Thursday.

The nine-year-old went missing on Oct. 3, 1984 in Queensville, Ont., and her remains were found three months later on New Year’s Eve in a rural part of Durham Region.

The little girl had been raped and murdered.

The case drew national attention, especially when police charged Jessop’s neighbour Guy Paul Morin with the nine-year-old’s death. However, in 1995 Morin was exonerated due to advancement in DNA testing. He had served 18 months in prison.

Police said Jessop had plans to meet up with a friend that evening at a nearby park but that she never showed up. She was last seen buying a pack of gum at a local convenience store, close to her home.

To date, no one else has been charged in connection with the murder and police are still searching.

The update is scheduled for 2:45 p.m.



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