Transgender man dipped fake penis in pub punters pint glass in drunken prank

A transgender man who dipped his fake penis in a pub punters pint glass has been charged for his "drunken prank" that divided pubgoers.

Jesse Hawthorne, born Jessica, was asked to leave the pub after dipping their prosthetic penis into a pubgoers pint glass, but did not leave quietly.

Instead, the 30-year-old flew into a rage and smashed a bottle by throwing it at a jackpot machine, later being arrested for criminal damage after their outburst in Caerphilly, south Wales.

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Hawthorne was subsequently taken to court, where the "drunken prank" was heard to have disturbed several patrons at the bar, while others found the situation particularly amusing.

Prosecutor Miquelle Groves said: "The public house was relatively quiet but there were customers around. He entered the seating area and exposed a prosthetic penis. The defendant placed the false genitalia in somebody's drink.

"CCTV showed there was an element of distress caused to some customers and he was asked to leave the premises. The defendant became very aggressive and he had a glass bottle which he threw towards the bandit completely smashing its screen to pieces."

Hawthorne pleaded guilty to criminal damage and a public disorder defence in September of last year.

It was not the first time Hawthorne had found themselves in front of the law, with a jail sentence for attacking an ex-girlfriend in 2018 leading to a stint behind bars.

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Of the prosthetic penis prank, Ed Mitchard, defending, said: "This was a drunken prank which resulted in him being asked to leave the premises. Most people are laughing when it happened but there were some people who took offence."

Mitchard further added that Hawthorne "misuses alcohol" as a way to deal with the "experienced trauma in his life."

For the charges, Hawthorne was handed a £120 fine for criminal damage and £80 public order offence charge, as well as a £400 pay toward the pub's expenses and £85 prosecution costs, and an £80 victim surcharge.

Hawthorne had previously appeared in court during 2018 for attacking ex girlfriend Emma Dickenson, with Sarah Walters, defending, at the time saying the 30-year-old had been on an "inappropriate amount of testosterone at the time while he was transitioning."

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