Twin brothers with Covid both put on ventilators days after catching the virus

Twin brothers aged 16 were both put on ventilators after falling gravely ill with Covid.

Cole Begley first started showing symptoms on July 30 – his brother Conner a day later.

The twins were taken to Niswonger Children's Hospital in Tennessee just days after and put on ventilators.

Yesterday, the brother's stepmom Kelley Begley wrote on Facebook: "The doctor came in today and spoke to Terry and he said he sees a slight improvement in both of them and he is pleased with how they are.

"He said Conner is worse than Cole and is still in very critical condition. We will take improvements even the slightest ones!

"I have seen God work miracles and I know He can do it again! Just keep praying because prayer changes things!

"Also pray for my precious husband for strength and comfort!"

Jerry Begley – who's also related to the twins – later posted a second update stating Conners right lung had "collapsed all the way" and that his "left lung is partially collapsed".

He added: "The next few hours are very critical, so any and everyone that could pray! Thank you all, and God bless!"

According to the Daily Mail, Kelley declined to answer whether the twins had been vaccinated against the virus.

Recently, Doctors have shared photos of people who've been tested positive for Covid, both with and without getting the vaccine.

The vaccinated patients had much clearer lungs than those who didn't – whereas those without the vaccine had cloudier looking lungs.

Dr Ghassan Kamel, ICU director at the Saint Louis University Hospital in Missouri, said he is starting to see "very sick" patients now, and they're mostly younger than they were in previous waves over the last 15 months.

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