UberEats driver left in tears after lack of tips leave him close to homelessness

An UberEats driver has made an emotional plea to ask customers to leave tips after he opened up on his financial struggles for paying rent.

Riley Elliot, based in Las Vegas, US, was on the verge of being homeless for the third time since May when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

He worked multiple jobs trying to make ends meet but with the sub-minimum wage and low tipping, he couldn't keep up with the monetary deadlines.

Sharing his story from inside his Honda car, Riley says: "I wish that people who order UberEats or Doordash understood what it’s like to be a driver.

"I just spent 45 minutes on a delivery because there is no free parking anywhere near the building. I had to pay $3 for parking because the person refused to come out and meet me.

"They tipped me $1.50 (£1.06) and Uber paid me $2.50 (£1.76)."

He sobs and wipes tears off his eyes, explaining that he has to prove three times the rent for income in the next two weeks.

"It doesn't matter that I'm working multiple jobs, it doesn't matter that I rarely sleep and can barely afford to feed myself," he says in the video, through tears.

"I am about to be homeless for the third time since May, and it's all because people don't tip their delivery drivers."

His video has gone viral and he has since received donations from viewers on his Venmo account.

Riley received $55,000 (£38,790) and was completely blown away.

"None of it was expected," he added. "I didn't post the video expecting people to reach out or expecting money or handouts or anything."

He decided to give back part of it to help other people out.

Riley said: "We sent money to folks in Texas whose pipes had burst, we sent money to folks who needed medication, sent money to friends who were struggling.

"We spent about $15,000 that first day, just helping people out with their situations."

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