UK heat forecast: 24C Mediterranean heat to blast Britain as warmest April continues

This pressure system will mix with low pressure over Iberia to the central Mediterranean, bringing a blast of heat, according to Net Weather. Temperatures in parts of the UK may even reach 24C in the next couple days as the good weather continues.

Although forecasters predict “clear blue skies” for Thursday and Friday, the country will, unfortunately, be stuck inside as lockdown laws prevent Britons from sunbathing in public spaces.

The Met Office recorded Wednesday’s highest temperature of 22.6C at Bournemouth, while 20C conditions were observed in other parts of England and South Wales.

Meteorologist Luke Miall said Thursday would see “pretty much clear blue skies across the whole country”.

He said some high-level cloud would turn the sunshine hazy in the afternoon, but lighter winds would mean warmer conditions.

Climates will reach 23C and 24C in central and southern parts of England, Mr Miall said.

The good weather will stay for the weekend, as Friday begins with some cloud in the morning forecast in the east.

However southern England and the south-west will see the best of temperatures, which are expected to rise as high as 22C to 24C.

Mr Miall said temperatures recorded so far in April were averaging 2.5C above normal for the month.

The forecaster said that there had “barely any rainfall” in some areas since the start of the month.

This could cause a possible drought in some areas.

With rain forecast for Thursday next week this will hopefully prevent that occurring.

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Summing up the month he added: “April’s been remarkably warm and remarkably dry so far”.

Net weather forecaster Jo Farrow added: “The high centred over southern Norway is with a collection of low pressures over Iberia to the central Mediterranean.

“These fill as a strong jet moves eastwards and away from these areas that have seen unsettled conditions.

“The high’s days of dominance begin to fade as it edges westwards later today.

“That does mean that finally, the east wind will give up and for those on North Sea coasts, you could take off your coat.

“Temperatures this afternoon should reach 16C or 17C for many, with high teens for greater London and western Britain, Cardiff at 19C. Up to 20 or 21C for central London and even 22C SW Britain. Eastern counties of Britain.

“Although with plenty of sunshine will stay around 11 to 14C, Edinburgh at only 12C.”

It is crucial to remember that despite the balmier temperatures, people must observe the government guidelines to socially distance if going outdoors for essential reasons.

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