UK weather forecast: Britain braces for coldest week of Autumn – overnight frost warning

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts frost

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Maps provided by meteorologists show rainfall lashing the east coast of Britain by the end of the week as high pressure builds from the Atlantic. Temperatures are also expected to drop to single digits, with wind chill making it feel close to 6C (42.8F) in some areas.

Jo Farrow, forecaster at Netweather, told “high pressure is building in from the Atlantic”, which is set to bring chilly and dry weather.

She said: “A change after the rather mild air in October. Daytime temperatures of 8 to 11C (46.4-51.8F), feeling more like 6 to 9C (42.8-48.2F).

“By night, down to -2C (28.4F), many around +3C (37.4F). The Netweather rainfall charts for 24 hours show where showers are forecast.

“Caught in the flow down from the north, they will mainly affect exposed coastal areas. Inland it stays dry.

“A change during the weekend as wind and rain hit NW Britain, the bright colours show the heavy rain for the Northwest Highlands, Argyll and the Western Isles.”

Jim Dale also told this week is set to be “the coldest week of the Autumn to date, with air and ground frosts for many inland areas” from Tuesday.

He added: “Not overly unusual and still around the seasonal par during the day, all compensated by some lengthy sunny spells for most.”

The Met Office warns frost will hit from Tuesday to Thursday this week, as well as possible hail and thunder earlier in the week, with the South West affected.

Annie Shuttleworth, Operational Meteorologist at the Met Office, added to “Showers will move into coastal regions and could reach inland areas at times. Some areas could see these showers become heavy for a time through Monday -Wednesday.

“The UK will be pulled into the northerly wind direction for much of the week and as a result temperatures will drop through the week, overnight frosts will become increasingly more likely and through Thursday and Friday many towns and cities will struggle to reach double figures by day.

“By the weekend we are expecting temperatures to begin to rise again across the UK and so the colder spell is only set to last for this week.”

Tyler Roys, senior meteorologist for AccuWeather, also told “Over the next several days, it will be the chilliest across the United Kingdom since spring 2021.

“Temperatures will average 3-6C (37.4-42.8F) below what they are suppose to be for this time of the year.

“For context, much of western Europe will be experiencing this.

“This will last through the weekend before moderating.”

Maps from WXCharts also show temperatures dropping to 4C (39F) from Tuesday, with parts of Wales seeing the mercury plummet to 2C (35F).

On Wednesday, the forecaster predicts the cold snap will continue for multiple areas of the country.

Although Leeds and parts of Yorkshire will reach a high of 7C (44F), the south will see the mercury fall to 3C on November 3.

London will see 5C (41F) on Thursday while Wales will remain between 2-3C on Thursday.

However, in the far north of England and Scotland, the mercury will fall to freezing, as some areas in the Scottish Highlands will fall to -1C (30F) due to the cold weather front.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden added the weekend ahead could see freezing temperatures.

He said: “We could start to see some significant snow events over higher ground.

“Looking to Bonfire Night and there will be a risk of widespread frosts as we get a taste of some early wintry conditions.

“We are about to see a change in the weather paving the way for cold and wintry end to autumn.”

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