Ukraine beauty queen slams pageant officials for rooming her with Russian rival

A Ukrainian beauty queen has won her fight to be given a different room after being paired with her Russian rival at an international pageant.

Olga Vasyliv was furious to discover Miss Grand International had placed her in the very same Indonesian hotel room as Russian competitor Ekaterina Astashenkova.

At the competition, in which the UK is represented by model Sofia Mayers, roommates were announced in a live stream on the pageant's Facebook page on Monday.

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Ironically enough the pageantry’s 2022 campaign is Stop The War and Violence.

Olga of Ukraine was outraged by the cultural insensitivity behind her being told to become pals with someone representing the same country that has spent most of this year destroying lives and cities in her homeland.

On Tuesday (October 4), Olga took to Instagram to reflect on the ill-considered pairing with a "competitor from the terrorist-country".

After stressing how she has her own important opinion and voice, she wrote: "Today, my story is this: all the while I’m on my long way to the competition @missgrandinternational in which my main goal, purpose, and mission, is to tell the world about my country, about our Ukrainian spirit, about our beauty, about our strength and about what we are enduring right now.

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"I received a letter that instilled in me feelings of rage and pain- my assigned roommate is going to be a competitor from the terrorist-country, from a country that lost all laws and order, from the despot-country, from the disgusting and deceitful stain on the body of our beautiful planet, from ruzzia.

"Dear, believe me, I am also for peace, for love, friendship, and support, but not for those who I cannot forgive. Not for those who torture my brothers and sisters.

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"Not for those who took the lives of so many fellow Ukrainians. I am important! My opinion is important! My feelings are important, and my Ukraine is important! Glory to Ukraine."

Ekaterina responded on her own Instagram stories explaining she is a believer in peace and comes from a family of Ukrainians.

She re-posted a glamorous snap of her with the caption: "In my family I am the first person to be born in Russia all all all others are from Ukraine! This situation is extremely hot for me …. and I hope that my voice will be heard in the contest! I am against hate ! for friendship, for love and for world peace and for helping each other."

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Olga returned to Instagram on Wednesday to thank her social media followers for their support and confirmed the backlash helped secure her a new room at the hotel in Bali.

"I'm not gonna stop," she added.


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