Ukraine has basically won Russia warns of years to rebuild prestige after war failure

Ukraine 'has basically won' against Russia says Suter

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Dr Keith Suter discussed the military strategy used by Russia since their invasion in late February. Russian forces have lost direction in their military tactics and their actions appear to be an effort to stall their time in Ukraine. Speaking to Sky News Australia, the expert said “Russia is trying to buy time,” says as Vladimir Putin continues to refuse withdrawing Russian troops from Ukraine.

Dr Suter explained: “The problem is, Russia clearly no longer knows what it’s about.

“Clearly the invasion, which they thought was going to be done very quickly, has failed.”

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Putin and his allies claimed Russia would enjoy a rapid victory and Ukraine would be defeated.

Dr Suter highlighted Putin’s failure as “Ukraine has basically won.”

As the invasion drags on far longer than Putin anticipated, the Russian military is running low on resources and soldiers to continue the fight.

“When you look at how the forces are dispersed, the Russians have still got control over Eastern Ukraine, which they’ve had now for eight years.”

Eastern areas of Ukraine, such as Donbas, have been largely under Russian control since 2014 in an ongoing conflict over areas close to the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Dr Suter added: “The vast majority of the country, including the capital city Kyiv, remains still free.”

Russian forces have yet to capture the capital, Kyiv, as Ukrainian forces continue to fight back against the Russian invasion and prevent their capture of key strategic territories.

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Ukraine 'has basically won' against Russia says Suter

“So the Russians have got a real problem on their hands”, warned Dr Suter.

On the Russian front, “the military have performed much worse than they expected.”

The Russian military are reported to be struggling for resources as the invasion continues to extend far longer than Putin promised. 

Another issue for Putin’s regime is “the Ukrainians have performed much better than everyone expected.”

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Dr Suter summarised his analysis of the Russian invasion as a “disaster for Putin”. 

Despite this, the Russian leader continues to refuse to withdraw his troops from neighbouring Ukrainian land. 

Dr Suter offers insight to the conflict as a foreign affairs expert. He holds three doctorates, specialising in war strategy and the impact of warfare.

In an analysis of Putin’s current military operation, Dr Suter is doubtful that a Russian victory is possible.

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