Ukraine will be a ‘good lesson’ for how US deal with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan

Ukraine 'will be a lesson for US' with China says Leoni

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Professor Zeno Leoni, a defence studies lecturer at King’s College London, said the situation in Ukraine could prove a “good lesson” for future invasions, such as China’s interest in Taiwan. Though there would likely be differences, such as the absence of a “no-flight zone”, the US would send “foreign aids increasingly” to help in the fight against China, as they have done in eastern Europe this year to prevent Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine. 

Professor Leoni said: “Perhaps what we are seeing in Ukraine might be a good lesson to predict how the US might intervene in Taiwan. 

“We might not see a no-flight zone, which would lead to a direct conflict between the US and China. 

“But we might see, in case of a Chinese attack on Taiwan, we might see the foreign aids come from the US to Taiwan increasingly to deal with the crisis.” 

During an Asian security meeting in Singapore today, Chinese defence minister Wei Fenghe warned of “no good end” for anyone who actively opposed the “reunification” of China and Taiwan. 

He claimed the Chinese government sought “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan but reserved “other options”.

He said: “China will definitely realise its reunification. Those who pursue Taiwan independence in an attempt to split China will definitely come to no good end.”

He later accused the US of “smearing and containing” China, calling on them to cease their “interference in China’s internal affairs”. 

He said: “We request the US side to stop smearing and containing China. Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs. 

“The bilateral relationship cannot improve unless the US side can do that.”

He was responding to comments made by US defence secretary Lloyd Austin yesterday at the security meeting, who said there had been an “alarming” increase in the number of unsafe and unprofessional encounters between Chinese planes and vessels with those of other countries.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng-chang said he did not want to close the door to China and is willing to engage in the spirit of goodwill, but on an equal basis and without political preconditions.

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Relations between Taipei and Beijing, which claims democratically-ruled Taiwan as its own territory, are at their lowest in decades, with China increasing political and military pressure to get the island to accept its sovereignty.

He said: “As long as there is equality, reciprocity and no political preconditions, we are willing to engage in goodwill with China. 

“As for China’s harassment of Taiwan with military aircraft, warships, unreasonable suppression and political actions, the one being most unreasonable is China. 

“Taiwan does not want to close the door to China. It is China that has used various means to oppress and treat Taiwan unreasonably.”

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