‘UK’s lowest bridge’ is so ‘ridiculously’ low only toddlers can stand under it

A rather odd bridge in London is so low from the ground that only a toddler would be able to fit under it, which begs the question; what's the point?

The bridge near Uxbridge darts under the M25 and at a measly 30ins high you would need to crawl or walk on your knees to go under it, reports MyLondon.

Henry Allum, who likes to discover unusual and interesting places for his YouTube channel, rightly points out that the bridge is "a bit ridiculous".

"I don't think there could possibly be a lower bridge than this," he advises his subscribers.

On his YouTube channel 'Henry's Adventures' the intrepid explorer can be seen crouching and contorting his body as he navigates going under the 76cm bridge.

And just to prove it is not a big prank Henry gets out the tape measure and shows the camera that the peculiar west London bridge really is that low.

Interestingly the bridge is not actually the same height all the way through and as Henry crawls through he can almost stand upright halfway through.

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"Not a good place to go if you don't like spiders," he jokes.

At the other end of the bridge, it is a whopping 145cm off the ground but still too low for the average adult to do a head stand without their feet touching the ceiling.

This very low bridge goes over a path and the River Colne Brooke and can be accessed via a footpath off the Slough Road, just a few hundred metres away from Uxbridge.

Commenting on the video one viewer said: "Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this video. Lived in Uxbridge all my life and didn't know about this.

"Really fascinating and funny too! Great work, I've shared it on all our social media platforms. Good luck!"

Another commented: "That is hilarious. Wasn’t expecting the video to make me laugh, especially the high bit in between the carriageways. Thanks."

Others shared their own experiences with attempting to walk the path.

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One local wrote: "We found this last year and got half way from the Uxbridge side but Mrs B got claustrophobic and we had to walk back! Great Video as always!"

A second commented: "I crawled under that earlier and went 'off piste' nearly ending up in the drink while attached to a large bramble. Keep to the bridleway and avoid this footpath if you have a bad back."

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