United Stages F-15 fighter jets risky landing at Brit base with spark shower

A massive United States Air Force F-15 was forced into an emergency landing at a British airbase this week.

Although no official reason was given as to why it had to land in that way, the £70 million machine touched down at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk to a wave of sparks.

The risky manoeuvre, known as “taking the cable”, involves hooking to a cable laid across the runway, which then spools out from a metal drum to slow down the aircraft, but not so quickly as to damage it or injure the pilot.

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And the extreme sight was spotted by onlooker Claire Hartley.

She said: “It was a skilled landing with a safe outcome.”

The F-15 jet, or to give it its full title which is the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, is one of the US Air Force's most famous jets.

According to All Clear, the Aerospace and Defence experts, it has earned its elite reputation from its unmatched manoeuvrability and acceleration speeds.

They said: “While many F-15s are still in use today, the Eagle has its origins in the 1960s.

“Various F-15 models have seen upgrades over the years, but through it all the fighter jet has remained at the cutting edge of aviation technology.

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“It was originally commissioned in 1969, and was designed and manufactured by McDonnell Douglas, which has since been absorbed by Boeing.

“The initial design was for a single-pilot fighter jet that could fly multiple missions and offer consistent air superiority.

“In the years since, numerous updated F-15 models have been introduced to fill larger needs for the Air Force.

“The F-15B was the second model introduced, and was used for training purposes – the only major change was the introduction of a second pilot station for the experienced pilot trainer.”

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