Victoria mom with stage 4 cancer completes socially-distanced marathon

Why would anyone push themselves through a 42-kilometre run two weeks after radiation treatment for stage four cancer?

“It’s about doing what you can while you have the time to do it.”

That’s the message from Lise Berube, a 38-year-old mother of two who on Friday completed a marathon with her friend and supporter Grace Lore — sufficiently physically distanced, of course.

Berube’s cancer has spread to her brain, heart and lungs, but that didn’t stop her and Lore from laying down four laps around the 10-kilometre trail at Elk and Beaver Lake.

“Why not, right? If I don’t do it now, I’m pretty aware that there might not be a chance,” a sweaty and panting Berube told Global News mid-marathon.

“I think, seize the opportunity while you’ve got it, and do what you can every day.”

At the end of the run, a crowd — again, physically distanced from one another — gathered with a home-made finish line ribbon for Berube to break through.

Among the supporters were her husband Chris and children, six-year-old Benoit and four-year-old Maelle.

“I’m so proud, I’m absolutely amazed with the amount of support and everything that everyone has been giving,” said Chris.

“She’s definitely set the bar pretty high.”

But as tough as the run was, Berube says it was nothing compared to her other battle.

“Definitely easier than living with stage 4 cancer,” she said.

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