Video praising Nicola Sturgeon REMOVED after viewers compare it to dictator Kim Jong-un

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STV revealed clips of the children congratulating the Scottish First Minister on twitter, the post was swiftly removed after comparisons were made with that of totalitarian North Korea. The independent broadcaster released a video of children thanking the First Minister for her work during the pandemic. The video shows various young children taking part in a joint message of thanks set to soft piano music

One of the children in the video states: “The children of Scotland would like to say thank you to Nicola, our First Minister of Scotland.

“We are so grateful, thank you for always keeping us safe, working so hard for being strong for us.
“Thank you for caring for every individual life and for always thinking about the children of Scotland.

“Thank you, Nicola.”

A lot of controversial aspects of the First Minister’s response to coronavirus have been omitted from the video.

There was no mention of care home deaths, testing problems, or the Nike conference that could have been prevented.

After complaints that it resembled the type of video that would be aired in North Korea, the video has now been taken down.

Ian Murray, the Labour MP for Edinburgh South, tweeted a response that said: “Scotland has 5th worst death rate in Europe. How about the broadcast media do their job and scrutinise.”

Editor of The Spectator Frasier Nelson added: “An odd video for an independent news organisation.”

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In response to the online fall-out from the video Steven Ladurantaye, head of news at STV News tweeted that the video had been taken down.

He said: “Political kids have opinions.

“Packaging them up out of context doesn’t make any sense, though.”

Mary Galbraith, a viewer, wrote: “It really is akin to North Korea where uncritical praise of the Dear Leader looks like this.”

A spokesperson for STV responded: “This particular video was not part of a story, had no context around it, and did not meet our high standards for impartiality, so we deleted it and are reviewing how this happened.”

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