Violent brawl erupts as shoppers throw punches and pints at Boxing Day Hunt

A group of protesters has clashed with fox-hunting enthusiasts in a violent brawl at the annual Boxing Day Hunt in rural Wiltshire.

Clashes and scuffles broke out in Lacock, near Chippenham, where dozen of anti-hunt campaigners barricading the hunters outside the Red Lion pub today (December 27).

Video shared on Twitter and Facebook shows the protesters holding placards with messages written: "Only wrong guns would hurt animals", "If you don't like the wildlife, get out of the countryside".

The group chant "shame on you" while forcing the huntsmen, who are seen wearing in red jackets, to get off from their horses.

One hunting saboteur is shoved to a wall and punched in the face when the crowd tried to stop the group from leaving.

At one point, a man in green cap threw a pint of beer towards the protesters while his pal threw some hefty punches at them.

Two people were reportedly injured in the violence.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police told Daily Star: "We were aware of a planned local hunt in Lacock today and officers attended at around 11am when concerns were raised about tensions between those involved in the hunt and protesters.

"Officers remained on the scene to manage the two groups and they had dispersed by around 12.30pm.

"At this stage no arrests have been made but our enquiries are continuing."

Last year, the National Trust was among several landowners to suspend trail hunting on their land while police investigated claims that hunt organisers planned to kill foxes.

In a tweet the anti-hunting group posted, they said: "Trail hunting is all but finished, but whilst we wait for the powers that be to ban them, they will be on a final killing frenzy.

"Let’s keep hammering those nails and consign this 'sport' to the history books."

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