Vladimir Putin accused of faking TV appearance in odd conspiracy theory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of using a green screen to fake his latest TV appearance after viewers believed they saw his hand 'go through a microphone.'

Reddit users set the debate underway on the forum last night (March 5) as they posted a clip of Putin's latest TV appearance with the caption "Green Screen Detected!"

The footage shows the 69-year-old at a table with air hostesses when he appears to wave his hand through a microphone which generated a lot of hype.

The post was quickly removed from the forum as it was branded as misinformation.

However, the Russian government have a long history of producing doctored propaganda videos and most recently has been accused of doing the same to justify the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Russia's Education Ministry, also known as the Ministry of Enlightenment, announced that it would be holding virtual lessons to explain to the younger generations why the war is necessary.

The social media post said: "At the All-Russian Open Lesson, school children will be told why the liberation mission in Ukraine is a necessity."

In a video they shared on Facebook, a 12-year-old Sofia Khomenko joined other hosts in front of the camera, saying: "We are going to have a lesson about world peace.

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"Today we are talking about how to help you investigate what is happening. We are talking about events in Ukraine."

Her adult co-host answered: "The Ukraine crisis didn't start yesterday and it is just not about Ukraine.

"There are many images about war in Ukraine but actually, these are from other conflicts. Some images are even from computer games."

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He then continues to take a spin on the Soviet collapse, anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine and the alleged persecution of Russian speakers in the country.

The department said the half-hour open lesson offered a "backstory of today's events". However, the Kremlin also cracked down on independent media in Russia since the invasion of Ukraine began.

Ekho Moskvy, one of Russia’s oldest independent radio stations, was closed permanently on Thursday (March 3) and Dozhd, a popular TV station was forced to suspend all their broadcasts under the pressure from Kremlin.

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