Vladimir Putin plans for second front in Belarus reduced to psyop

Ukraine: Expert breaks down extent of Russian disinformation

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Belarusian dissident journalist Tadeusz Giczan has provided Express.co.uk with a rare insight into Russian military operations in Belarus and why a suggested second advance into Ukraine is unlikely to get off the ground. Comparing the Pro-Vladimir Putin Belarusian regime under Aleksandr Lukashenko to WWII collaborators, Mr Giczan described any further mass incursions by Russian troops from Belarus in the short term as unlikely. 


Mr Giczan told Express.co.uk the Kremlin’s recent build-up in the area was simply a mind game by Putin.

Asked if Russia is likely to launch another attack from Belarus, the journalist said: “Not in the short term at least because even though there are some troop movements, it’s far from what we had in February or January in preparation for the actual invasion, so it’s more of a psyop.

“Ukrainian military officials admit at this stage is more of a psyop.

“Mostly Russian troops are coming to Belarus to receive training because they’ve mobilised 300,000 people at least and they have no training facility in Russia.”

“So there use Belarussian training ranges to train these draftees.”

Mr Giczan branded the Russian northern push towards Kyiv in February as a “stab in the back” by Belarus as Ukrainian military planners had not been expecting the assault.

He told Express.co.uk “Belarus is a basically satellite state for Putin.

“[Belarus] has the same importance for instance, like Vichy France had for Nazi Germany or Hungary or Romania had fought for Nazi Germany.” 

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It comes as Western intelligence has reportedly shown there have been high-level talks within the Kremlin among senior Russian army chiefs about using a tactical nuke as pressure on Putin mount amid Ukrainian military gains. 

Former US General James Clapper has warned the prospect of a nuclear attack by Putin is “not as improbable” as many believe.

Mr Clapper told CNN: “I am sure there have been lots of discussions amongst senior Russian officers about nuclear weapons and whether they should be used or not, or when.

“What’s missing from all this, or at least what is missing from the reporting that is available accessible to us, is what actually would the objective be on the part of the Russians to use nuclear weapons. 


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“What would they try to do beyond what they are trying to do already? Which is using conventional weapons, gradually destroying the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine.

“I still feel the prospect for the use of nuclear weapons is unlikely but not as improbable as it was before February 24.”

Last week another former US General predicted Vladimir Putin will lose everything as Russia will eventually be forced to give up all Ukrainian territory gained since 2014.

Ben Hodges, who served as commanding general of the United States Army in Europe, has predicted that Ukraine will eventually roll back all of Russia’s military gains since 2014, including liberating Crimea. 

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