Watch: Incredible moment cat jumps from burning New York City apartment

The heart-stopping moment a cat leapt off the second floor of a building where an apartment was on fire has been shared online.

The images, from a fire in an apartment in New York City, have gone viral.

According to local authorities, the fire was started by a man as the result of a domestic dispute.

Seven people were reportedly injured in the blaze, including two police officers.

Footage shared on Twitter shows officers coaxing the frightened cat out of the window of the flat, as flames engulfed the building.

The terrified feline eventually jumps off the window and onto the street.

Despite multiple requests for updates from Twitter uses, the cat’s current condition is not yet known.

The man who started the fire was reportedly barricaded inside the flat but police managed to enter the apartment. He was eventually brought out unconscious and taken to hospital.

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