‘We’re all in this together’: Ontario health centre encourages positive signs amid COVID-19

As communities across the country take measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, boosts of positivity are popping up in an Ontario beach town.

The Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre has challenged locals through a Facebook post to brighten up the community with signs of support as the COVID-19 pandemic forces residents to stay indoors.

“Many people are at home right now… and at times it can feel a little anxiety-producing or overwhelming,” said Cate Melito, the Chief Executive Officer of the health centre.

“We really felt it was important to have positive messaging to our communities.”

Melito said the focus lately has revolved around changes, cancellations and public health. So she and her team decided to try and boost up the momentum.

Melito tells 980 CFPL the sign challenge begun on Tuesday, and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

In addition to signs that spread positivity, a big group of volunteers have mobilized to provide positive outreach as well.

Local churches and service clubs are also lending a helping hand by connecting people to services they may need while at home.

Signs of positivity were spotted locally in London, Ont., at a residence in the Oakridge area.

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