When is it going to snow? UK forecast maps reveal timings for seven major cities this week

UK weather: Chilly temperatures and fog forecast by Met Office

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Recent weather forecasts have shown where cold temperatures have started to bite, hovering in the low single figures. People living in London, the warmest city in the country, woke up to lows of just 3C this morning. And in a few days, it could become one of several locations to see a scattering of snow.

When is it going to snow?

UK snowfall typically begins in the earliest months of the year, between January and March.

Although on the latter side of winter, the period sees some of the coldest temperatures.

But in recent years, that snowfall window has stretched backwards, with the first few signs in November and December, and forecasters have pinpointed incoming snow this weekend.

Forecasters with Weather.com have predicted Londoners will see their first sign of snow on November 27.

The organisation has predicted a “mix of rain and snow” on the day, with temperatures at 5C.

Charts show that snow will spread across the UK, with a broad scattering stretching from the southern coast to Scotland.

According to WXCharts, people could see up to 1cm worth of snow this coming Saturday in the south.

Southampton, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester are among the cities seeing these lower totals.

A combination of rain and snow in most places means many people won’t see it settle.

Totals grow further north, with anywhere between 2cm and 9cm towards Scotland.

Charts show between 3cm and 5cm around Newcastle as the highest totals descend on Scotland.

That combination likely means people won’t see the snow settle down south,

Charts show a much different picture further north, however, around Inverness.

The city sits around the deepest forecast snow, as WXCharts shows potential highs of 25cm and higher around a broad central area of Scotland.

Those higher totals come due to Scotland’s higher landscape and more consistent exposure to snow, which starts tomorrow.

The same charts show that the first signs of snowfall in Scotland will appear on Thursday, November 25.

People living around the country’s centre and west coast will see a light scattering, approximately 2cm.

Towards the weekend, this will rapidly increase, with totals reaching 8cm by the end of Friday.

After peaking on Saturday, the snow appears on track to remain until early December, although the more distant forecast is less accurate.

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