Why today is Denver’s most interesting weather day of the year – The Denver Post

We all know that Denver is prone to having crazy weather.

In case you need a quick refresher course on why, a gentle reminder of just a handful of Denver’s wackiest weather statistics: March is Denver’s snowiest month. It’s snowed in June. It’s been 80 degrees in February. It’s snowed on Labor Day. It’s been 100 degrees on Labor Day. Tornadoes, softball-sized hail, hurricane-force winds, wild snowstorms, floods, blizzards, you name it, and Denver’s known for seeing more than a bit of everything in Mother Nature’s arsenal.

But today’s weather statistic might have all of those beaten.

April 27 is the date of Denver’s last measurable snowfall. It is also, fascinatingly, home to Denver’s average first 80-degree day of the year. To recap: on average, on April 27, it snows and hits 80 degrees on the same day in Denver.

Now, spare us a couple of asterisks and important disclaimers: April 28 is, as of this year, Denver’s new average last measurable snowfall. That’s based on official climatological observations from the National Weather Service office in Boulder. That date was pushed back a day due to last May’s unusual 4-inch snowstorm at the end of the month. But, until last year, that statistic was April 27, and it could well flip back to April 27 if it doesn’t snow again the rest of the spring.

The more important asterisk, though, is that these dates are simply averages. Because Denver’s weather flip-flops in the spring more than most places, it’s prone to getting a little bit of everything during the spring and fall transitional seasons. So of course, that doesn’t mean each April 27 that you can expect both snowfall and a high temperature of 80 degrees or above.

With all of that in mind, though, it is still a remarkable reflection of Denver’s unusually change-prone weather. And while it doesn’t appear to have snowed and been 80 degrees on the same day, you might remember last October’s record temperature drop, when it went from 83 degrees and sun to 19 degrees and snow in just 18 hours.

Today’s forecast, by the way? A high near 80 degrees. But no snow.

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