Widow says uncle who murdered husband in 1996 can live with her upon release

A widow has said her uncle can live with her when he is released from prison for the 1996 murder of her husband.

Rubina Malik, 42, claims she has decided to 'forgive and forget' that Manzoor Qadar executed Shuakat Parvez in a murder-for-hire plot orchestrated by her father, New York Daily News reports.

She said: "I do miss my husband – a lot. But I decided to forgive and forget.

"I decided to forgive him because I know how hard it is raising children without a father.

"I did mine and still I need a father figure in my son's life. It's very, very hard to have lived your life without a husband."

Malik, who had a son with Parvez who is now 23, wrote a letter to a judge last year asking for Qadar's release from prison on compassionate grounds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the letter, the widow said her uncle would be welcome to stay with her as long as he needed.

Qadar was convicted in 2002 of shooting Parvez to death outside the home he shared with Malik in Astoria, Queens, almost 25 years ago.

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Prosecutors said Qadar was paid $60,000 by Qadar's brother and Malik's father to carry out the hit after Malik secretly wed Parvez and fled to New York City with him when her family had set up an arranged marriage with another man.

Her brother, Malik Rahmet Khan had also planned for Qadar to execute his daughter and the man she was arranged to marry, Khurram Khan.

Despite Qadar claiming his innocence, he was found guilty in court but the widow claims she has never been certain if her uncle was responsible for her husband's murder.

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It is not clear when Qadar is due for release but he is expected to be deported to Pakistan rather than setting up home with his niece, Mail Online reports.

Malik also claims she has forgiven her father for arranging her husband's murder and putting out a hit on her too.

She said they have 'a good relationship' now and had visited him several times in Pakistan since.

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