Woman, 20, dies after £10 lip piercing gets infected and damages brain

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A young woman has died after her lip piercing became infected and fatally damaged her brain.

Andressa Souza, 20, passed away after she spent twenty-four days in an Intensive Care Unit at Hospital da Vida in Dourados, southern Brazil.

Doctors found she had developed a brain infection after receiving a new piercing on her mouth.

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Her mum, Maria Aparecida da Silva, told local media that her daughter had her bottom lip pierced two months before developing the infection.

While she said she didn't recall where Andressa got the piercing, she was able to recall that she paid R$60 (£9) for it.

But it later became inflamed and swollen, and she began to develop severe headaches and fever on Monday June 13.

Her mum believed this was a case of dengue fever as there had been an outbreak in their area that had affected their family recently, and took her to a hospital.

Maria said to Diario do Nordeste: "Around June 13, she began to feel unwell, with severe headaches and fever. We thought it was dengue, because there was an outbreak here in Itaporã.

"We took her to the doctor and, until then, we thought that was it, because I had my other son too"

But she then had to be rushed to the ICU after her condition began to deteriorate rapidly.

Maria "We saw that her mouth was very swollen, there was no way to move it. It was so swollen that there was no way to take it out [the piercing]. The infection went into the bloodstream and, from there, lodged in the brain.

"She underwent surgery and was intubated. She stayed from June 15th to July 9th".

Medical staff informed the mum that the infection, which had entered Andressa's bloodstream via the fashion accessory, had taken over 37% of her daughter's brain.

Even if she had survived she would likely have ended up in a vegetative state, they claimed.


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