Woman, 28, who cut up her friend with saw after she refused sex jailed for life

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A woman who killed her friend after she turned her down for sex has been jailed for life.

Gareeca Gordon has been sentenced to a minimum term of 23 years and six months at Bristol Crown Court for murdering Phoenix Netts and dismembering her body last year.

The 28-year-old previously admitted killing Phoenix Netts, also 28, at the shared accommodation where the two friends lived in Birmingham on April 16, 2020, Birmingham Live reports.

Gordon stabbed her four times in a fit of rage after being invited into her flat. She had proposed a sexual relationship with Miss Netts but had been turned down, a court was told.

Gordon purchased a circular saw to dismember the body of her victim and made a number of trips to the Forest of Dean to dispose of the remains.

High Court Judge Mrs Justice Cutts on Tuesday said Gordon will be imprisoned for life and the parole board will decide on the minimum term.

The judge said: "It is clear from the deeply moving statements that Miss Netts was a lovely, caring, compassionate woman who was deeply loved.

"She had intended to move back to live with her parents. Her future was looking, bright and promising. You robbed her of the future she deserved."

After the murder, Gordon carried out a series of "detailed, organised actions" to suggest that Miss Netts was alive while taking steps to dispose of her body, prosecutors said.

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The Crown Prosecution Service told how Gordon contacted friends and family of Miss Netts through messages, emails and voice calls, pretending to be her and indicating she was moving to London and wanted 'peace and quiet'.

On the evening of May 12 Gloucestershire Police found Gordon standing alone by the entrance of a quarry near the Forest of Dean with two large suitcases nearby with the charred remains of Miss Netts inside.

Superintendent Scott Griffiths, from West Midlands Police, told BirminghamLive: "This was a case which shocked hardened officers. The discovery of Phoenix's body dismembered in the suitcases was truly horrific.

"Phoenix had moved from London to Birmingham and had been living in the accommodation for some time.

"When Gordon loved into the property in the early part of last year she lived next door to Phoenix and the two quickly developed a close friendship.

"But sexual feelings developed on the side of Gordon towards Phoenix. She wanted a sexual relationship with her. Phoenix didn't want this and she made plans to move back to London.

"It is at this time that Phoenix was murdered in her flat by Gordon. From tests carried out on her remains we were able to establish that she was stabbed four times.

"We believe the stab wounds inflicted on her wouldn't have been enough to kill her if she was given medical assistance but she wasn't and she died in the flat.

"This is when Gordon shows how extremely cold and calculated she was. After purchasing a circular saw and dismembering her body she then went on to take on the persona of Phoenix where she sent messages to her family and friends telling her she was OK and would soon be back down in London.

"It is thanks to someone who reported the car being driven erratically that police traced Gordon and discovered what she had done."

Supt Griffiths said Gordon had no previous convictions only had only received a caution for petty crime.

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