Woman awarded £20,000 after dentist failures could cost her up to five teeth

A woman has been compensated £20,000 after her dentist failed to spot the signs of tooth decay.

Jane Woolmer, 71, from Cropston, Leics, could lose up to five teeth because her usual dentist did not spot and treat her tooth decay.

She has already had to have one tooth extracted following her visits to Dr Mayur Mehta at Upperton Dental Practice between 2002 and 2017.

Jane said: "In 2005 I had a filling placed that unknown to me was the beginning of years of dental trouble," Leicestershire Live reports.

Mrs Woolmer returned in 2007, complaining of pain from the same tooth. She was then given another filling, but then had to return again two years later for a third filling.

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“The pain never really went away,” Mrs Woolmer said.

“This pattern continued. The dentist would always say he could save the tooth and would provide another filling. The pain would sometimes keep me awake at night."

Her problems worsened in 2014 when the same tooth that had already been filled three times broke again.

She was also suffering from pain in other teeth and had to get antibiotics to combat an infection.

The dentist then gave her a root canal treatment, which had to be re-performed later.

In 2016, Mrs Woolmer had more antibiotics and fillings after continued pain. She was finally referred to hospital the following year.

Jane said: “The hospital told me the true extent of my dental problems, they told me I would need root canal treatments, fillings and more.

"Then that summer, I had to visit hospital again. Two teeth were giving me significant pain and one tooth had been oozing pus for some time, so I had to take more antibiotics.”

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Jane was told at another hospital appointment later that year that some of her teeth were too damaged to save and would have to be extracted.

Fed up with her treatment, Mrs Woolmer contacted the Dental Law Partnership.

Analysis of her dental records revealed that Dr Mehta had failed to spot and treat decay visible in X-rays taken as far back as 2002.

He had also failed to provide adequate root canal treatment and had exposed a nerve during a filling replacement that had let to her suffering pain.

As a result, she has had a tooth extracted and may lose another four in future, leaving the need for implants to fill the gaps left in her mouth.

Jane said: "This has at times been painful. At least the £20,000 I’ve received in compensation has paid for the corrective treatment and legal fees.”

Daily Star contacted the Upperton Dental Practice for comment.

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