Woman battled with pit bulls that threw her off mobility scooter and savaged pet

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A woman was thrown off her mobility scooter in a "vicious" blood bath brawl with two pit bull terriers that attacked her dog.

Florist owner Lisa Jean Staples took her pet dogs Okie and Alfred out for a stroll earlier this month on what would become her "most terrible day ever".

The 62-year-old claimed two pitbull terriers charged towards and knocked her off her mobility scooter in Hull, East Yorkshire.

She was left battered, bruised, and with a broken wrist from the attack.

Thrown to the ground and with her scooter covered in blood, Lisa looked up aghast as the pit bulls charged at Okie and "clamped down" on him with their teeth.

She pulled open one of the attacking dog's jaws to set her pup free and pleaded for Okie's safety as the pitbulls' owner struggled to tame them.

Okie laid on the floor with his "front teeth hanging off" as distressed pet owner Lisa frantically attempted to help.

Meanwhile, she tended to her other dog Alfred, who is blind and needs close guidance.

Despite being in pain herself, Lisa managed to get back on her scooter and get Okie to vets, who she pleaded with to save her dog's life.

She told HullLive: "I don't know how I drove the scooter dripping with blood and broken limbs. However, I managed to get to the nearest vet possible.

"I am now left with flashbacks of that fatal day that Okie fought so hard to protect Alfred and me."

After being initially discharged, Okie was struggling to breathe due to a punctured windpipe.

The pet was returned to a different vet who performed a specialist operation to remove his teeth, which has been left "hanging off" in the attack.

After being unable to afford further treatment for her precious pup, Lisa said Okie passed away while suffering incredible pain.

Lisa said: "I am here alone the nights are long Alfred is pining for Okie.

"Although people have been calling to see us during the day, the nights have been terrifying alone. I have been experiencing horrific nightmares that have woken me up constantly and that has terrified Alfred."

She went on: "I was a happy and content person before this incident I do not have much in life but I had my dogs they gave me a reason to live and wake up every day.

"Life will never be the same again for me."

Lisa, who has MS and suffered a heart attack during lockdown, has since been unable to sleep as the events keep replaying in her head.

She said: "As I say this, tears are flooding from my eyes. I don't have much in life, no family, but that was okay because my dogs were my family."

Lisa reported the incident to Humberside Police.

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