Woman cackles after X-rated outburst to man in road rage spat then drives off

A driver left a man and woman mortified after shouting a sexually-explicit insult at them and then driving off.

In the clip, which begins in the middle of an alleged road rage incident, a man is standing next to a black Skoda hatchback and attempts to talk to the female driver through the passenger window.

The woman filming, who doesn't appear to know either of them, says: "I can't believe that! Let me get her numberplate, Sir."

As the man stands in front of her Sloda to try and stop her from leaving, the female driver revs her engine.

He backs off and says: "Wrong is wrong with you?"

The driver then shouts something inaudible at the pair so the man asks her to repeat herself.

She then yells out: "I bet you're one of them that she takes it up the a*** for!"

The man jumps back in shock and the woman filming gasps in horror at the barb.

Cackling with laughter, the dirty-mouthed woman drives off while the woman records her number plate on her phone.

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The man describes the behaviour as "absolutely shocking" and the woman calls it "disgusting".

It was uploaded on TikTok by Alicia @al1c1ama1 on Tuesday (December 14) and she revealed the bizarre exchange has taken place in a car park in the Oxfordshire village of Bampton.

Unfortunately, viewers admitted the woman's insult was so unexpected they were guiltily rooting for her even if she was in the wrong.

One person said: "You just got absolutely roasted by an old woman in a Skoda."

"Is it wrong that I'm absolutely laughing at this?" questions a second person.

Someone else commented: "We appreciate the video because she made us laugh therefore we are on her side."

Another wrote: "The cackle as she drove off. Now she needs to be the villain in a film."

Someone else quipped: "She drove off like Wario from Mario Kart with that cackle."

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