Woman crushed in horror house explosion was FaceTiming partner when she died

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A woman who was crushed in a house explosion was on Facetime to her partner when the huge blast occurred.

Hazel Wilcock, 61, tragically died in February at her Bury home after a suspected gas leak, reports Manchester Evening News.

The bereavement councillor’s partner, Tony Dewes, 63, was enjoying a video chat with her at just past 9pm when the screen suddenly went black.

Tony blamed dodgy WiFi and thought nothing of it – until he received a frantic phone call from one of Hazel’s mates.

It’s most likely the horrific incident occurred when fuel travelled into Hazel’s cellar before being ignited by a washing machine or chest freezer.

A huge gas wave then ripped through her terraced home, reducing the property to nothing but rubble.

An inquest into her death found she died from traumatic asphyxia – which is normally caused by a heavy falling object.

Tony told the Manchester Evening News that the pair had planned to marry and buy a house together.

“I’ve missed her terribly. I’ve just been devastated. We had so many plans to go and do things,” he said.

“There was so much speculation over what happened, and the speculation runs away with you.

“There were so many unanswered questions.

“It’s nice to get some final conclusion on what happened.

“I was thinking all the time, ‘There was no gas, how could the cellar be filled with gas?’

“Finally, it’s been explained.

“At last, you're allowed to put it into a box and say this is what happened.

“Hopefully now, not just for me but for other people, there can be some closure.

“It’s not going to bring her back.

“At least now we know.”

Tony said he has found it difficult to motivate himself following the horrific accident.

The pair met on an online dating website just over a year ago and had planned to go travelling around South America.

He carried on: “Even though we lived apart, we used to spend four days a week together.

“I could have very easily been in that property.

“We had a happy nine, 10 months together but it should have been 20 years at least.

“I honestly believe we would have been getting married soon. We talked about marriage.

“We were blissfully in love, really.”

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