Woman fuming after being fined £100 by free car park – as vehicle was too big

In a story you could file under “not in the Christmas spirit” one woman is angry at having been fined £100 for taking up two car parking spaces.

But Tracey Carlisle, 57, who admits to straddling into the space next to her car in the free car park, claims it was not her fault.

The owner of a 4×4 Nissan Navara pickup, she has said that the car park spaces outside The Range shop in Carlisle are “too small”.

The mother-of-two said: “I am not denying that we were parked straddling a bay but it wasn’t done to be inconsiderate.

“We drive a Nissan Navara, which is 5.3 meters long and nearly two meters wide so we wouldn’t fit into a normal bay.

“I had bruising at the time and couldn’t get out from the car properly so needed the extra space to open the door fully.

“We know the car park, and the wall beside us means we are not sticking out into the flow of traffic – we always park aware of other people.

“We go in a corner where we can have two bays together so we can get in and out of the vehicle, as we need to get the doors wide open to get into it because it’s high.”

The fine, which was given on November 26, can be reduced to £60 on appeal.

The woman also claims claims that nobody in the store new of the restrictions, and that there are no signs around, either.

The car park is owned by UKCPS Ltd, who, according to the woman, did have a man on-site, who was wearing ID.

She added: “He clearly just stood and watched us do this without coming across and just saying ‘if you park here I’ll have to give you a ticket’.

“Obviously it’s got a knock-on effect for anyone with a disability or prams and things like that.

“I know they have certain bays marked out but there’s not many of them.

“It just leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, but I don’t expect anything to change and I think I will just pay it because the letter is quite heavy-handed about if you don’t. “

UKCPS Ltd has been contacted for comment by the Daily Star.

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