Woman reckons groomer gave her wrong cat after returning home with drowned rat

A woman has joked the groomer gave her "the wrong cat" after her fluffy feline came back looking like a "drowned rat" following an extreme trim.

In a TikTok video, user Angie @Sarah_Jade_ shows her grey moggy before and after the trip to the hairdresser.

The cat has a very long coat and is lounging on the floor while grooming herself.

Angie then shows a clip of the cat after she took it to the groomers and most of her fur has been shaved off, except for on her face and feet, in a way similar to how a poodle might be trimmed.

The hairstyle is apparently called the "lion cut" but the feline looks quite sheepish as she sits on the windowsill almost completely bald.

Angie joked: "I think the groomer gave me back the wrong cat…"

The video was "liked" more than 2 million times and people were in equal parts horrified and amused by the cat's ordeal although a few people reckoned it was stylish.

One person wrote: "No the poor baby!"

"Just throw the whole cat away," said a second.

Someone else reckoned the cat looked like a grey "bobblehead" and others suggested he looked like a "drowned rat" or that he was wearing "boots and mittens".

Defending the haircut, one person commented: "Why are people saying poor cat? This is what cat owners should do."

Another person wrote: "Don't let the poor thing get matted and it'll be an easy groom. Brush it!"

Angie replied: "Thanks so much for the advice. However, he will not let us. He fights, bites, and hides when we try to. And btw he absolutely loves getting this cut."

Responding to another comment about her cat's strange hairstyle, she added: "It was a surprise but I think it's cute and he loves it! He is much more comfortable."

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