Woman strangled with hairdryer flex by her ex ‘because he saw engagement ring’

A man faces 15 years in a Russian jail after being accused of murdering his ex-wife in a jealous rage.

Ramzia Gimranova’s naked body was found by her father on the balcony of her home in the Russian city of Kazan. She had been strangled with the cable from a hair dryer.

Her former husband Ilnar has reportedly confessed to the murder.

Gimranova, 32, was an accountant who had a six-year-old daughter with Ilnar.

The couple divorced last year, after reportedly rowing over Ilnar’s gambling debts – which had reached some £5,000.

A week before her death, Ramzia had reported her ex-husband to the police.

She said that Ilnar had been stalking her, and asked for protection for herself and her daughter.

She said that her ex had repeatedly called and “ambushed” her near her new flat.

Ramzia had recently begun a new relationship and according to detectives from Sledkom, the Russian Investigative Committee, Ilnar saw her wearing an engagement ring and attacked her in a rage.

“Having learned that the victim intended to remarry, the attacker came to her house, then beat and strangled her on the balcony,” said a committee statement.

“He has confessed his involvement in the commission of the crime in full.”

Friends say that while Ramzia had accepted the ring from her new boyfriend, she told them she was not yet ready to remarry after the trauma of her relationship with her ex-husband.

She was killed after being hanged by the hair dryer cord, according to a Seldom report.

Ilnar could face up to 15 years in jail if convicted.

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