Woman sworn at on flight after refusing to switch seats with mums 6ft5in son

A woman was left utterly confused when she refused to switch seats with a rude mum and ended up being "muttered with profanities" the entire flight.

Surya Garg took to TikTok to defend herself and explained the woman asked her to give up her window seat for a middle seat "a few rows further down".

And before she delved into the details of the unpleasant flying experience, the 23-year-old explained her take on swapping seats and said it's not a big deal if they are little children.

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But Surya said it was not the case for her and that the woman's son "had to be a minimum of 16 or 17 years old".

"I just met the absolute worst person to sit next to on a plane," she detailed.

"His mum says to me like, 'hey, would you mind switching so I could sit with my son?' I'm like 'yeah, where would you want me to switch to?'

"She points to a middle seat a couple of rows back.

"I ask 'okay, who's your son?' and she points at this 6ft5in man."

Surya was shocked and speechless to the point that she believed it was a matter of bad planning.

She continued: "So I said 'no, sorry I paid extra for this seat' and this woman makes the nastiest face I've ever experienced.

"She sits down next to me in the middle seat that she was assigned to, and her son goes back to the middle seat that he's assigned to in the back.

"And then, I kid you not, under the breath for the entirety of the flight, she's just muttering profanities at me.

"Was I in the wrong here?"

Viewers chimed in and reassured Surya that she was not in the wrong.

"Nope, looks like they are trying to get the cheapest fare and hoping people would swap seat with them," one said.

Another noted: "If it meant so much to her, she should've paid extra to book to sit together."

Some shared their bizarre experiences, with one writing: "Today, I have a teenager wake me up from my nap to ask me if I would switch my window seat for her aisle seat because I was not making use of the view."


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