Woman traumatised after driving onto ferry thinking it was a bridge

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    A woman trying to cross the River Thames in her car via a bridge was left baffled when she realised "everything was spinning around her".

    Radio presenter Sophie Montague had a "traumatic" commute to work last Friday (January 6) when she mistook a ferry for a bridge.

    Sharing it first-hand on TikTok, she spoke from inside her car: "I literally cannot cope with myself.

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    "I have just tried to cross the River Thames and what I thought was a road and I have actually ended up on a ferry – like, I'm on a ferry."

    She flips her camera to show three rows of stationary cars in front of her and the ferry control room on her right as she looks up.

    The barrier closes as a faint alarm rings in the background.

    "I’m just trying to commute to work. I thought it was a road and I’m on a freaking ferry," she paused and gathered her thoughts.

    "How am I…I'm just..anyway, I'm just going to enjoy my boat ride."

    In the second part of her blunder, she can't stop giggling when she remains in her car, saying: "Everything is spinning.

    "This is so surreal."

    Her final update was posted when she was in a studio.

    She explained: "I made it to work, which I don't think I was going to. The ferry, apparently, is the Woolrich Ferry and it was free!

    "I thought I was gonna have to pay but I just drove on to it. I genuinely thought I was like, going to a tunnel.

    "But I wasn't. It was a ferry and it started spinning and turned. I sat there for ages and checking if my handbrake was on so I won't hit the car behind me.

    "It was a dramatic and traumatic commute to work this morning. God, wouldn't recomment, but safe and fine."


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