Yes, you can wash some dry-clean only clothes at home

There’s probably a long list of things you wish you had done before going into self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus — including dropping off that dry cleaning.

Even if you are not in quarantine and just practising social distancing, many stores have closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The good news is, however, that many items that have a “dry-clean only” tag on them can actually be washed at home, said Minnesota-based textile and laundry expert Patric Richardson.

Clothing manufacturers are required to put care labels on garments per U.S. regulations, and many use “dry-clean only” tags as a way to protect themselves from any washing mishaps. Canadian regulations state garments need material labels, too.

“I actually teach laundry camp and one of my tips is when those tags say ‘dry-clean only,’ just cut them out and then they don’t say that anymore,” Richardson said.

How to wash dry clean items at home

Richardson, who is also the author of upcoming book Laundry Love, said how you wash your garment at home will depend on its fabric.

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