Young mum begs to be moved from damp-riddled flat making her feel like a tramp

A mum is demanding to be moved from her "disgusting" flat because it is riddled with damp and making her "feel like a tramp."

Heidi Grocott, 24, and her one-year-old son, have been living at the Aspire-owned property for almost five years.

She is now demanding the housing association move them to a different property.

The mum-of-one also claims her son's bedroom is covered with damp spores and has impacted his asthma – a condition she says he didn't have prior to moving into the flat.

She also says the conditions of the flat have ruined her clothing and her furniture.

Heidi said: "It's full of damp. My son's bedroom is disgusting. When I get clothes out of our wardrobes and drawers, they stink even if they have been washed.

"I had work done last March for this. They sent contractors who did a fantastic job. They knocked quite a few walls down and injected it with the special stuff. We plastered it and it's come back. It's revolting.

"The damp is in the living room and coming back in all the places where I had work done.

"The windows are disgusting. I bleach them because it makes me feel like a tramp, even though I'm a clean person.

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"I opened the drawer the other day and a leather belt was full of mould, but it's like a yellowy green. I don't want to live here anymore."

Heidi claims to have emailed Aspire numerous times, with staff telling her they would send a surveyor out, but she says she wants to be relocated.

She said: "Even when we had the work done last year, I had to pay to redecorate. I had to do each room so it cost about £150.

"I keep emailing Aspire. I've sent them photos and everything and they are not getting back to me.

"They emailed me once and said a surveyor is going to come out but what's a surveyor going to do?"

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"I want people to see how bad it actually is. I've had enough of it.

"My son suffers from asthma, so it's getting to his chest and it's stressing me out. It's putting me down because I don't want to live in this horrible environment.

"I've told them I want to be re-homed into a house. This property is not fit for living in. I'm paying for rent and the property is not safe, especially for my boy.

"They are quick enough to get in touch if I don't pay rent, but I never failed a rent payment.

"It's appalling how they expect people to live like this. I guarantee, if one of them lived like that, you would see them onto the landlord asking to be re-homed.

"I want to be re-homed and go into a house because you don't get this problem in a house. My parents live in an Aspire house and they don't suffer."

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