Youre all right bubby: Police release audio of moment Cleo Smith was rescued by detectives

West Australian police have released audio of the moment detectives rescued Cleo Smith and she uttered the now-famous words: “My name is Cleo.”

Cleo was allegedly taken from the family tent while camping at Quobba Blowholes on October 16 and was rescued just before 1am on Wednesday when detectives stormed into a Carnarvon house.

In an audio clip released by the WA Police Force, an officer is heard twice saying: “We’ve got her.”

Another officer then says: “Hey, bubby.”

As one officer gives instruction to bring a camera into the room, another says: “I’ve got you, bubby.”

Cleo is asked three times before she reveals her name.

“M-my name is Cleo,” she says in the clip.

“Your name is Cleo,” an officer replies, while another one says: “Hello, Cleo.”

A third officer again says: “You’re all right, bubby.”

Premier Mark McGowan visited Carnarvon on Thursday, holding two teddies — one for Cleo and the other for her younger sister Isla.

“Cleo was a delightful little girl, who was playing in the backyard and I gave her the two teddies, which we named,” he told reporters.

“It was a lovely experience to meet her. She was, I thought, very well adjusted considering and the family were very appreciative of everything that has been done for them,” he said.

“They’re … fundamentally decent, honest human beings … they’re really lovely people and it’s great to meet them and acknowledge what they’ve been through.

“Obviously, there’ll be a way to go from here but they’re certainly on the right pathway.”

Mr McGowan further described Cleo as a “very bright, upbeat, sweet little girl”.

“She’s just bubbly, playing, friendly, sweet,” he said.

A 36-year-old man is in custody and is being questioned by police. No charges have been laid.

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