Bloke trashes Spoons with stool and attacks dimmer switch shouting prove it

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    A man accused of taking drugs inside a Wetherspoon went on a rampage inside the pub after he was challenged.

    Scott Harrison, 44, was told by the bar manager at the Navigation Inn in Kings Norton that he would no longer be served following the suspicion, Birmingham Crown Court heard on Monday (October 16). He was confronted by the member of staff about the alleged drug use to which Harrison shouted: “prove it”.

    From Oakwood Road, Sparkhill, he then began throwing glasses, chairs and stools around the pub, with one understood to have bounced and hit a bar manager on the arm. A female member of staff was also hit by bits of glass, BirminghamLive reports.

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    He hit a dimmer switch which caused £94 worth of damage and also hit a rack of glasses. Harrison has returned to the pub three times since, despite admitting assault, occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

    Prosecutor Emma Rutherford said: "The bar manager suspected the defendant had been taking drugs on the premises. He spoke to him outside the bar and advised him he would not be served and explained the reason why.

    "Initially he walked away and seemed to have accepted it but when he got back to the table he started walking back and he shouted 'prove it'. He then launched a glass at him and grabbed him around the throat with both hands."

    The bar manager managed to get out of his grasp, she explained, and was able to reach and press the bar’s panic button. He then threw an off-target glass, parts of which hit a member of bar staff.

    The bar manager said in court: “At the time I was scared. The whole ordeal left me on edge. I have found it hard staying at the same pub since the incident.

    "It has been difficult because the offender has come into the pub on three occasions since the incident while I was on shift. It brings the situation back again. I'm trying to get on with life and forget about what happened."

    Harrison attended court without any representation, saying he had been “let down” on the day. He tried to explain why he subsequently returned to the pub, to which Recorder George Kelly said: "It is not about you going back to the pub. What I'm concerned about is actually this is really quite a serious case.

    "It is not your first time in court and not your first time having a fight in Wetherspoon's. I just think you should be legally represented. I know you don't want time off work but if you go to prison you will have all the time off work you want."

    His sentencing has been adjourned until November 2 with bail granted under the condition he not enter the Navigation Inn.

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