Inside Hamas death cult killers basking in murder orgies with chilling goal

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    An American terror expert who likenedHamas to a “death cult” has taken a deep-dive into the killers' violent motivations as they subject their victims to a “murder orgy”.

    From butchering babies and capturing masses against their will, to indiscriminatelyslaughtering and raping civilians in the street, thePalestinian militant group has committed abhorrent acts since their invasion on Israel on October 7.

    On Thursday, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu noted that Israel was facing its “darkest hour”, in a meeting with British prime minister, Rishi Sunak. However, he added there is only one option for her nation: “We have to win. We have to release the hostages. We have their children, babies, women, elderly, Holocaust survivors.”

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    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was left utterly speechless after Israeli officials showed him images of babies “riddled with bullets,” in the aftermath of Hamas attack last Friday (October 13).

    “It’s hard to find the right words. It’s beyond what anyone would ever want to imagine, much less actually see and, god forbid, experience,” he said in a press conference. “So I think for any human being to see this it’s really beyond almost anything that we can comprehend, digest.”

    So, why are individuals from the nationalist group committing such acts of brutality? Dr Jonathan Schanzer, from Washington DC, is an expert on Middle Eastern terror organisations, and took a deep dive into the psyche of the Palestinian militant group.

    And he claimed that Hamas’ prime objective runs deeper than just conquering Israel. Schanzer believes conquering Israel is a key first step for the terror group before creating a world which is subjugated to “Muslim supremacy”. “Hamas believes that the conquest of Israel is the first step that is needed along the way,” he toldFox News.

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    “This actually… [is] the sort of thing that we saw from al-Qaeda, from ISIS and others.” On its journey for "global Jihad", the Gaza-based terror group has inflicted some of the worst atrocities against the Jewish people in southern Israel since the Holocaust, he claimed.

    “The first thing to point out here is [what Hamas did] was a murder orgy. I don't know how else to describe it,” he said. “It wants simply to murder as many Jews and as many Israelis as it possibly can.”

    Schanzer, the Vice President of think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies, likened Hamas to a “death cult” because of its ability to take life almost without thought. “It embraces this idea of martyrdom to the point that the fighters simply don't care whether they live or die,” he added.

    The deplorable acts are some of the worst in a generation, the expert said, adding that “the callousness toward a massacre of 1,400 people feels [of its own kind] to me”.

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