Israel unveils new weapon to blow up Hamas maze of terror tunnels

Israel Defense Forces claim they have ‘eliminated’ Hamas commander

The IDF is expected to send its forces into Gaza for a full-scale invasion after Hamas’ terror attack against the country on October, during which 1,400 civilians died.

Israeli troops have undertaken limited ground assaults into Gaza, but are yet to launch their full invasion.

Amid fears that Hamas could fight back against Israeli troops, reports say the IDF has been testing chemical bombs that contain explosives.

The devices are used to seal off gaps or tunnel entrances where fighters may be hiding.

The IDF has not commented on whether the ‘sponge bombs’ will be used.

However, Israeli troops were seen practicing with them during 2021 drills, where a mock tunnel system was set up at the Tze’Elim army base near Gaza.

Various experts have warned that Israeli forces will face a difficult battle in the tunnels known as the ‘Gaza Metro’.

Speaking to the Telegraph, John Spencer, a former US major who chairs urban warfare studies at the Modern War Institute at West Point, said that fighting in the tunnels will be like fighting underwater than in a normal warzone.

He said: “Nothing that is used on the surface works in the same way or with the same efficiency underground.

“Specialised equipment is needed to see, to breathe, to navigate, to map the space, to communicate and to deploy lethal means.”

This week, Israeli troops entered Gaza for a second limited operation as they prepare for the invasion.

Footage released by the (IDF) showed tanks and armored vehicles crossing into the enclave before firing towards damaged buildings.

Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari, said of the raid: “Through the raid, we eliminated terrorists, neutralized threats, dismantled explosives, neutralized ambushes, in order to enable the next stages of the war for the ground forces.”

In an address on Wednesday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was “raining down hellfire” and confirmed that a ground offensive is on the horizon.

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He said: “I cannot say when, how or how many, nor all the elements that we are taking into account, of which most are not known to the public.”

He added that “all Hamas militants are doomed.”

Mr Netanyahu continued: “I want to make it very clear, the timing of the operation of the IDF is unanimously determined by the cabinet that runs the war along with the chief of the general staff.

“We work in order to secure the best optimal conditions for their next operations.

“My role is to lead this country and its people to all-out victory of over our enemies.

“Together we shall fight and together we will win.”

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