Party girl tattooist, 22, paraded naked by Hamas confirmed dead by family

A German party girl and tattooist whose body was paraded around by Hamas fighters has been confirmed dead by her family.

The tragic update on missing woman Shani Louk's whereabouts comes just over two weeks on from reports of her being "still alive". Her family has since confirmed the 22-year-old had been killed.

She was last seen in grim video footage from Hamas, who had paraded Shani around, naked, unconscious and severely injured. Shani was seen on the back of a truck following her attendance at Supernova music festival, which was stormed by Hamas.

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The German-Israeli has since bene confirmed dead, with her family told their loved one had been decapitated by Hamas which is considered a terrorist organisation by the UK Government. Shani's body is still believed to be held by Hamas, who are believed to also hold 228 hostages.

News of the 22-year-old's death was described as "absolute evil", while the tragic updates on Shani's whereabouts was confirmed by a Channel 12 reporter.

"She’s the one who was filmed on Saturday laying face down on a pickup truck. Naked. Her leg terribly broken and dislocated. The crowd was seen spitting on her, poking her body. She was proudly paraded through Gaza," they wrote.

A chilling update soon followed, "parts of Shani's skull" found and indications of her being "partly beheaded" confirmed by the Red Cross. Elad Simchayoff, who reported the tragic update, added: "After lab and DNA tests a panel of experts reached a conclusion that she was murdered and a formal message was delivered to her family.

"Shani’s body is still being held by Hamas in Gaza along with 228 other hostages. The Red Cross is still not allowed to see them, no information regarding their condition was shared."

Shani's mum Ricarda Louk previously confirmed it was her daughter in the disturbing footage from Gaza. She said: "We were sent a video in which I could clearly see our daughter unconscious in the car with the Palestinians and them driving around the Gaza Strip."

It was earlier confirmed Shania was suffering a "serious head injury and is in critical condition," though later updates sadly revealed the 22-year-old had been killed. Her boyfriend, Orion Hernández Radoux, was also reported missing following the festival massacre.

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